Run, Run as Fast As you Can Second Chance Khami River Legacy Caleb Chameleon Mountain Yet Evil Remains

No Country to Call Their Own Death on the Kunene For the love of Frances A Family Affair


Sometimes you get lucky. I have. I'm living out the dream of my boyhood, doing the creative things I always wanted to do.

You've come visiting that dream and I thank you for doing so and trust that you will find something in these pages to interest you, and if I get even luckier, something you will buy.

Obviously the main purpose of this website is to display the books I have written and to make a sale. The functionality of the site allows you to browse in the books, hopefully to obtain sufficient information to satisfy you in your purchase.

There is also a gallery of photographs that I have taken and this page will be changed from time to time, usually with a theme of one of the subjects that interest me, mostly landscapes and wildlife.

The news page gives information on new projects I'm working on, or perhaps a snippet of something recently written and not yet published.

And finally you can contact me and let me know whatever's on your mind or if you need assistance in purchasing one of the books.

Peter Cleary