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The 100th rugby game between Milton and Plumtree high schools

I was thinking about Jack McCall, the main character of my novel ‘Nowhere Man’, wondering if I could resuscitate a defeated man in his mid-40’s. Find a happier path for him.

Obviously this was in consideration of a subject for my next story.

That led me to thinking about Plumtree School which Jack attended and I remembered having some memorabilia about those days in the 60’s in Rhodesia.

I found this photograph, taken of the Milton and Plumtree teams before we took to the field to play the 100th game between the two schools.

I find it remarkable that two schools in a young country, established in the late 19th century, could find the time (amidst two world wars, and plenty of local disruption) to play one another 100 times in just over 50 years. Such was the primacy given to tradition in those far-off days.

Such thinking about Jack will probably come to naught.

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