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A Namibian Interlude

Celebrating 130 years of life. The celebration was for my son, Andrew’s 50th birthday in January of this year and my upcoming 80th towards the end of the year. The prize was Namibia. A short trip: the dunes of the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world, then Swakopmund, and finally the north, Damaraland,…

Fathers and Sons

This picture is a candidate for the cover of Peter Cleary’s latest novel, “FATHERS AND SONS”. The photograph was taken by the author on a road trip to the Cape in 2017. The new novel is going through the final editing phases and should be published in print and e-book form shortly. The following are…

Old Books/Old Passions

The books you have on your shelves reveal your interests, or sometimes, what you want others to think of you. A poseur. Old books show your long-standing passions. Not something you’d keep for show. More of a reminder of an age, a chapter of your life. Recently I did a blog called Zane Grey Country…

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