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Author: Peter Cleary

Cornwall and the US. First look

My wife and I recently returned from a trip to Cornwall and to the American South-West, two places I’ve long wanted to visit. These nine photographs, one from each place we visited, give a good introduction to the visual delights we experienced.

Father and Son

My son sent me four photographs, one of which he wished to enter into the Guardian newspaper’s monthly competition with the theme ‘the great outdoors’, and asked which of the four I preferred. I was amazed at the work, amongst the best he has produced, and my wife suggested I obtain Andrew’s permission to publish…

Sunsets on the Kunene River

These four pictures, taken of sunsets on the Kunene River above the Epupa Falls, are all candidates for the cover of “Death On The Kunene.” Which one do you think will find favour with Jane Harley of Boutique Books?

Death on the Kunene

My wife and I recently visited the Kunene district of Namibia, the location of my next novel. These are some scenes from the area. As you might expect from the title of the novel, you can expect intrigue and mystery; for a visual representation see the picture of the boy with the goat’s carcass!

A Dry Three Weeks

My wife and I recently returned from a trip to the Northern Cape and Southern Namibia, arid regions with spectacular scenery. Some of the images reproduced here gave me the opportunity to try out a new range of filters from Adobe.

Chameleon Mountain – Preview

The first draft of Chameleon Mountain is finished. Eight months work and half as long again as any of my previous books. The following images, with captions which are excerpts from the novel, give you a preview of what to expect.