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Going International!

The greatest pleasure is receiving a compliment from a fellow author. Eric G Muller was raised in Durban and received his first degree from Wits, but has been living for many years in New York. He is a musician and educator as well as an author. If you wish to know more about him and what he has written I suggest you visit his website –

Dear Peter Cleary,

At this very moment my wife is upstairs finishing the last few pages of Yet Evil Remains — and does not want to be disturbed. About 10 days ago we stayed in Mtunzini for 2 days, and I spotted your book in a store — down the road from the Fat Cat Cafe (I think it was called). I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. It has a gripping plot and throws light on the corruption and crime that is rife in SA. I had not been back in SA for 35 years, and the book helped to explain some of the changes I observed and heard about. I used to live in Empangeni in the late 60’s and loved coming to Mtunzini (the beach is still wonderful). I just wanted to let you know that your book became part of the trip back to SA. I now live in New York (I also write).

All the best,
Eric G Muller

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