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Latest novel to be available soon

My new novel is with Boutique Books who do my layout and cover design. It is a new genre for me, a crime thriller. I believe it is the most entertaining of the books I’ve published so far and will find ready acceptance with those who have read any of my previous fiction. The following is the text of the back cover of the novel.

What do you do when the law fails you?
This new novel by Cleary is a crime thriller which vividly exposes some of the security and social problems in the new South Africa.

Ethan Hart loses his wife and young son in a hijack which goes horribly wrong at their smallholding in Halfway House.

He becomes torn by the often conflicting demands to revenge their deaths and to rebuild his life and he finds solutions to both in the small Eastern Cape village of Tarkastad.

In the new society Ethan enters nothing is as it seems and old friends from the past prove to be just as devious and corrupt. But then he also little understands himself as he is caught up in violence and responds with ruthless efficiency.

“I now prophecy that Peter Cleary is going to become a major name in South African literary circles”- Dave Savides in his review of Chameleon Mountain.

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