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Motor Games – A Reader’s Comment

Hi Peter,

I really enjoyed Motor Games – such a human story and a story too, of humanity. I’m always interested in the working of businesses other than the one I spent my life in – primarily mining and minerals. As a fairly normal male I’ve also always been interested in motor vehicles. And my understanding is that, for the manufacturers, the motor industry is high power and high stress. So, I enjoyed both the technical side of your book for its detail, and for the human interactions side, which bring the characters to life. In my experience there are never many leaders like David Shiloh – at any level in big organisations. He comes across as a very good role model. I’m glad you introduced the Jewish level to your story; we Christians tend not to know much about other religions in the normal course of events. And your increasing use of the sexual/sensual aspects of life glues the characters together; such behaviour is, after all, the essence of life and what drives us for much of our lives. So – and I’ve said this before – I enjoyed Motor Games on several levels. I closed the  book, having finished it too quickly, wishing David and Bree success and happiness in their future lives together.

With best wishes,


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