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“Tomorrow May Not Be Mine” launch

“Tomorrow May Not Be Mine” is a sequel to one of my early novels, “Caleb”, published in 2011.

I received many appeals for a sequel, understandable, when you consider the ending of “Caleb”.

Caleb Jordan has left behind the tragic scene at the mission he established on the Nuanetzi River in the Gaza Province of Mozambique. He crosses the river at a ford some miles further and realises he will have to get rid of the revolver he used to kill the men who had committed rape and murder at the mission.

He stops the vehicle and walks back to the river bank and throws the gun into the flowing waters. As he walks back to his Land Rover he hears the grunt of a large animal and he sees a pride of lions on a small hillock to his left. He has to pass them to reach his vehicle. It seems a provocative move. Yet what does he have to live for? A scripture comes to him:

Father if you are willing remove this cup from me, yet not my will, but yours be done.

He starts walking.

What happens to Caleb Jordan that fateful day, and in the uncertain days to follow?

“Tomorrow May Not Be Mine” is now available on a number of eBook platforms including Amazon and as a printed book to order at

Local Zululand readers can obtain a signed copy at Hyperpharm in Mtunzini.

The original photograph which was used by Cosmic Creations to create the image for the covers of the novel was taken on a hike my wife and I did on a small game reserve outside Carnarvon in the Great Karoo in September 2020. The veld was dry, and their Springbok had all died, leaving only a small herd of Black Wildebeest, a species not endemic to that harsh environment and they had to supplement the food and water.

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