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Caleb Revival

Caleb has recently been published on the Lulu eBook platform and is available for world-wide distribution, bringing this story to a much wider audience, and with a new cover which conforms to my latest work.

The revival goes further.

Many readers of the original book, published in 2011, asked for a sequel.

I steered clear of that challenge until recently. After all, picking up a continuation of a story that was a tragedy, and taking the main character Caleb Jordan on his next life journey, was always going to be a difficult task.

A sequel also gave me an obligation to publish the original book as an eBook for those readers who only read on this platform.

The sequel has been written. It is titled TOMORROW MAY NOT BE MINE,  When Faith Deserts You.

Tomorrow is in the process of being published in both print and eBook form and should be available in early September. Caleb Jordan lives again.

The following is the back page text of the new novel:

Caleb Jordan follows in his father’s footsteps and becomes a pastor in the Baptist Church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He wants more and his passion to bring the gospel to people in the deep rural communities of Africa drives him to open a mission near the Nuanetzi River in upper Gaza province, Mozambique.

It is there that history catches up with him five years later.

A sangoma wronged in the Bush War seeks her revenge and viciously attacks the mission, with the aid of her massive bodyguard and two contract killers from Zululand, with tragic consequences.

Caleb needs to find his purpose and rebuild his life, and he needs to do so without the aid of his faith. He blames God for not protecting the ones he loves.

This sequel takes him to his late mother’s smallholding near Gweru, Zimbabwe and later to the Great Karoo in South Africa.

It is a story of struggle, courage and compassion.

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