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The Khami River Legacy book review

“A trail of adventure”

An eight year-old boy witnesses a farm attack so brutal that he pushes it into the furthest corner of his subconscious, to the point that he no longer remembers the vile incident.

But it remembers him, shaping his future behaviour, surfacing at random times in explosions of anger and violence that even Adam Geard himself cannot understand or predict.

It affects his every relationship and ruins his life’s prospects as his normally sane and reasonable nature and above average intellect are regularly undermined by these ‘unexplained’ outbursts of aggression.

Author Peter Cleary weaves Geard’s personality flaw into an action-packed story that is nothing short of a masterpiece.

From the first chapter, the reader is hooked into a trail of adventure that moves from the hallowed corridors of Rhodes University via mineral prospecting to mercenary action in war-torn Iraq.

Once again, Cleary weaves into his story a depth of fact and reality that makes the book totally plausible in terms of people, places and events.
He attributes this to hours spent on Google research, learning about geology, psychiatry, weapons manufacture, political and religious schisms and general ‘dirty tricks’ operations.

Well done, Peter Cleary, on one of the best books I have read in many years.

Dave Savides – Zululand Observer

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